Sheet Metal Forming


Hi-tech roll forming systems for the sheet metal industry. Roll forming line is used  in various fields such logistic, building, energy and automotive. Machines and lines for cutting coils of sheet metal.

Hydraulic presses for deep forming. Spinning lathes for cold forming.Our equipment always guarantees top performances in production and cost-cutting thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.  

Steel Construction Industry


Machine tool and  automated systems for the fabrication of structural steel and plate. Complete range of innovative products for serving steel constructor as: CNC drilling line for beams, plate fabrication systems , angle line for producing lattice towers an antennas.

Automated submerged arc welding equipment for the steel construction industry ( welded beams, cisterns , closed profiles etc...).  Shot blasting lines for plates and profiles with different configuration. Lay-out integration with other lines. 

Surface Finishing


Best technology for solution of a large range of problem of grinding, buffing, polishing, cutting, beveling and generally solve automation difficulties.

Thanks to the experience in industrial plants design, we are introducing new products for the surface treatment of stainless steel sheets: polishing machines, protective film-applying machines, grinding machines for vessel heads and tanks, marbling machine, planishing machines for seam welds on sheets and tanks, welding machines for dimple jackets for temperature control in the food industry.

Who we are!

The engagement of WALTER MALALAN - Metal Forming Equipment is to sell industrial machine tools in South East Europe , supplying modern technologies of Italian leading machine tools producers for over 15 years.

Many years of market experience, relationship with the leading machine tools manufacturers, extensive expertise, complex range of products and, most of all, our ability to identify the needs of customers, contribute to the unique quality of services offered by Walter Malalan – Metal Forming Equipment.