BOLLINA began as a one-man company. Then following investments in both technologies and personnel the company has evolved over the years, becoming a company of young and dynamic people, capable of combining the experience and the tradition acquired over the years by the owner with the capacity and the skill of the technicians and the specialized staff members, on which the company relies today. 

Each request is analyzed by the sales manager, backed up by a team of skilled technicians, in order to offer the most suitable solution for the customers' requirements.

To better ensure constant quality control, the lines are assembled exclusively within our factory by the same technicians as those who will then install, start-up and test them at the customer's premises, providing also after-sales service.

Right from the beginning BOLLINA showed such an interest in exporting its products that its lines are presently sold 20% to Italian market, 40% to European market and 40% to markets outside the European community, both directly and through agents or dealers.

This combination of traditions, experience, ability and skill is synonymous with reliability , guaranteeing the possibility to offer solutions for the continuous and growing demand for quality on behalf of customers also for the future.